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  • From the time Canadians first learned about coronavirus COVID-19, how it spread, and how it was already affecting the health of so many, it didn’t take long before the way we lived our everyday lives changed drastically.
    Many non-essential services have been forced to shut down, and we’ve learned that the best way to keep ourselves, our families, and our friends safe is to practice social distancing and strict cleanliness routines.
    However, it all happened so quickly that many people had already closed on the sale of their homes, or purchased new homes, which isn’t something that can easily be postponed or cancelled. And, sadly, we also know that with the uncertainty of jobs, income, and the economy, some will be forced to change their living situations in order to manage financially.
    At Alek’s Moving, our promise to our customers is to do whatever we can to help make moving feel better. This promise holds true today more than ever. Our team knows that many people still need to move homes during this uncertain time, so we’ve committed to taking all possible steps to ensure that your move is as safe as possible.
    • All staff are equipped and trained with safety gear, such as masks, gloves, clothing + hand sanitizer
    • Alek’s Moving has implemented strict and extensive cleaning and sanitizing practices for all our moving equipment like blankets and straps, and the interior and exterior of our trucks
    • We are constantly monitoring each staff for symptoms and encouraging them to stay home if they are not feeling well
    • One person social distancing walk through of your home prior to your move to ensure everything is clear and understood

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